Thomas Vahdani, DDS, MAGD, MSHA

Thomas Vahdani, DDS, MAGD, MSHA - Crown Healthcare Consulting

Thomas Vahdani, DDS, MAGD, MSHA is an experienced professional practitioner, a dental consultant,an educator, a mentor, and a visionary leader skilled in administrative and health care management, healthcare analytics, HIPAA, coordination of benefits, quality assurance and healthcare records maintenance, CDT codes, ICDAS, audits and claim reviews, and with strong computer skills. Dr. Vahdani brings analytical focus in management when reviewing KPIs. He understands importance of team dynamic, diversity and inclusion, and collegiality and good communication among the team. He is intimately aware of all aspects of leading a successful practice, and he is skilled in team building and training, Circle 360, “Change-Style” Indicator, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and also, familiar with health policy, health IT, eCOM reporting, interprofessional and multidisciplinary care, Title IX, and Lean Process and Six Sigma.

Leadership: Dr. Vahdani's leadership experiences can be summed by his various leadership roles as a former owner dentist, Group Practice Director, and an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University Grace E. Harris Leadership Development, a nationally recognized program in leadership development, focusing on learning core values and structure of an integrated health system and a regional urban university, mentor-mentee relationship, leadership styles, understanding leaders and followers’ challenges, and how to manage a conflict as a leader of an organization.

In addition, Dr. Vahdani demonstrates his commitment to life-long learning and enrichment of his leadership strengths by completion of the nationally 4th rank VCU Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, which can be compared to an executive MBA program focused on the healthcare industry. This is a testimony to his knowledge and readiness to lead and mentor at the highest levels of administration at the corporate level in healthcare industry.

Dr. Vahdani received fellowship of Pierre Fauchard Academy pursuing the Academy’s mission that is “To consistently focus on professionalism, integrity, and ethics worldwide…” His work ethics and professionalism earns him respects among his peers. Accountability, compassion and being caring, excellence, innovation, and outmost respect are the values that Dr. Vahdani cherishes in life.

Academic Path: Dr. Vahdani, during his academic career, has demonstrated dedication, intelligence, and compassion in his teaching and mentoring of professional students and a commitment to his profession by focusing on interprofessional education in a student-centered multispecialty clinic. Dr. Vahdani supervised the practice management training, clinical training, and subjective evaluation of his students and taught them developing the traits of professionalism while teaching the fundamentals of patient care and procedures. To perform well in this role, Dr. Vahdani had to mentor and advise his students and to serve additionally as an academic advisor to others that demonstrates his ability to maintain focus in multiple urgent situations, and be a compassionate educator and mentor providing positive constructive feedback.

Additionally, Dr. Vahdani has lectured extensively, both as a faculty member and as an invited speaker, demonstrating acknowledgement of his expertise in various topics. His commitment to maintaining membership and serving in leadership within the many professional organizations throughout his career demonstrates his commitment to being an active and contributing member of the professional community and community at large. Dr. Vahdani, has not only developed personally over years of dedication to academia, but has supported the growth of numerous others.

Scholarship and Professional Growth: Dr. Vahdani has been devoted to the betterment of others, and in such, has served as a student research advisor. He has advised on projects, edited, written, and mentored students. He also earned Master of Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) award by pursuing his journey to excellence by achieving Academy of General Dentistry’s (AGD’s) highest honor for lifelong learning. The Academy Mastership represents the highest level of achievement for members in accordance with AGD's mission to advance general dentistry and oral health through quality continuing education.

Service: Dr. Vahdani has demonstrated a career-long commitment to service and has given many years of service to the university and community and has served in numerous committees and in these roles, he developed knowledge concerning gaining consensus and how to best accomplish goals that meet the needs of various stakeholders. He has been involved in decision-making as well as discussion, and his input offers insight unlike any other. He is a proponent of organized dentistry and being affiliated and member of numerous professional organizations, and has attended and organized meetings, health fairs, and contributed to enhancement and public education.

Dr. Vahdani has served his community by providing clinical care to special needs and underserved population through donated dental services. In his role as President of the Orange County Dental Society Dental Health Foundation, a 501-C non-profit organization, he had dedicated his effort providing care for underserved children, finding dental home for them for continuity of care and ease of access to care, and have devoted his time in educating public in prevention of oral diseases. Dr. Vahdani had been recognized numerous times for his efforts and dedication toward improving the oral health of the children in our community and was honored “OCDS the Member of the Year award” in 2005, and earned “VCU Service Award” in 2016 due to his devoted service to the university